All About Lesbro

    About 5 years ago, Honey broke up with her long-time girlfriend and went a little crazy.  In a good way.  She hung out with all the boys doing all the fun stuff she never allowed herself to do whilst in her "serious" relationship.  It was during this time that Honey described herself as a "Lesbro".  Boys were just more fun to hang out with, partially because she never slept with them.  Also at this time, she lived with a roommate, Javi, a.k.a. DJ Natureboy.  Javi loved the term Lesbro and passed it along to a lesbian filmmaker in San Francisco, Brynn Gelbard.  She, in turn, loved it so much that she produced, directed, and starred in her short film, "Lezbro", which has aired on the Logo Channel in August of 2009.  Details magazine (Sept. 2009), published an article about Lesbro, crediting Honey with coining the term.  And thus, the Lesbro craze began.
Details Lesbro Article
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